Jaime Robbins, LMFT, ATR
Counseling for children & adults


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My name is Jaime Robbins and I am a licensed marriage and family therapist and registered art therapist.  People seek out counseling for many different reasons.  Are you experiencing a lot stress and can’t seem to manage anxiety and depression?  Is your relationship riddled with negativity and you don't connect like you use to?  Is your child struggling to be successful in school or with peers?  Or maybe you or your family are going through a transition and need a place to explore feelings, thoughts, and directions.


Whatever your reason maybe, therapy can be an important step to improving the quality of you and your family’s life.  You will benefit from working with me by gaining tools to improve your important relationships.  You will develop problem-solving abilities and learn ways to harness your unique gifts.  You will feel more confident, more passionate about life, and develop healthy outlets and tools for stress management.  You will engage your own creativity to find solutions and inspirations for your life, deepen your relationship with yourself and your family or partner, and awaken your own inner knowing and inherent strengths.

You have taken a brave and resourceful first step in seeking therapy at this time in your life. I look forward to meeting and working with you individually, as a couple, and/or with your family.